03/13/20 - Resonate Coronavirus Update with Pastor Ryan

All our Sunday worship services will be cancelled for the next two weeks.
Online services will be available for March 15th and 22nd

For online Sunday services go to


Our decision shifted slightly to the other side for two reasons:

  • Scripture calls us to honor our government officials and they have urged us to use extreme caution as we move forward. This morning our federal government has declared this as a “national emergency” and we want to be sure to play our part.
  • Scripture calls us to love our neighbors. Cancelling our worship services seems to be a prudent way in doing so. By cancelling our worship gathering, we believe we’re actively fighting to slow the spread of COVED-19 by flattening the curve, which gives hospitals more space to care for the most at risk patients.


Missional Communities

Now in lieu of not having physical Sunday gatherings, it’s imperative that we continue to cultivate community within our church family. MCs will be more important than ever.


Please be sensible and apply all caution for the flourishing of your group. If there was a time when we needed spiritual encouragement, it would be now. Continue to gather, lean on scripture and on one another.


Have a holistic perspective, not a binary one.

It’s not a big deal, or It is a big deal. In honesty, it’s both. Yes it’s not a big deal to those who are healthy. But it is a big deal for those who are vulnerable. Both can be true. Be agents of grace either way.


Be full of faith and be full of caution
Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and avoid close contact with people who are sick. But don’t live in fear. Christians shouldn’t be driven by fear, for the gospel eternally secures us TO Christ THROUGH Christ. In times like this, be faithful by praying for others, and look for tangible ways you can blessing, especially to the marginalized amongst us and in our community.


As of Monday, March 16th, here's Resonate's most up-to-date information on how we'll be conducting church moving forward. Please read a letter from Pastor Ryan attached.

As of Friday, March 13th, Resonate has an update statement regarding Sunday gatherings.

In the interest of encouraging both physical and spiritual health at Resonate, listen to the latest Coronavirus update from Pastor Ryan Kwon.