Child Dedication is an important milestone in the journey of parenting.  It is when you publicly commit to raise your child to know, love, and follow Jesus.  Your church family also commits to come alongside you, pray for you, and support you in that journey.  God never intended for families to be alone; that’s why He gave us our church family.

If you’re interested in dedicating your child or children, the process is simple.



  • We have Child Dedication classes scheduled for 10:30am Sunday, October 17th on the Fremont Campus, and 10:30am Sunday, October 24th on the Hayward Campus.


  • Child Dedications are scheduled for both Fremont and Hayward campuses on Sunday, November 7th at both services. 


  • We will also host an optional parent breakfast on Saturday, November 6th, 9am-10:30am for all those dedicating their children, hosted at the Fremont campus. Space is limited at this breakfast, so sign up as soon as you can HERE. At this breakfast you will be able to bring a maximum of 10 people total and share pictures, write your hopes and dreams for your child to read when they're older, as well as pray over them. This will allow you to meet other parents who are also dedicating their children!


 November 7, 2021