A compass guides you on your journey, so you know you're going the right direction. As a compass points to true north, a follower of Jesus always points to the reality of the Gospel. Jesus is our model, means, and motivation for life. We don't work to make ourselves disciples, Jesus' work makes us into disciples. It is by this truth that we see everything else.


The Ecosystem is a way to see the life of a disciple of Jesus that helps us explore our new identity as Christians. Each of the six elements of the Ecosystem is what a disciple already is. You do not work to become these things -- if you are in Christ, you are a worshiper, family member, learner, servant, missionary, and reproducer. We grow as we develop this kind of heart, and take steps in these areas. We have a few suggested next steps for each element of discipleship, but these are just the beginning, as God shapes your heart.


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A worshiper sees God as greater than anyone or anything else, and lives in joyful, grateful obedience. They are seeing Jesus as more and more beautiful.


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Every Christian is a member of God's family! We live as committed members of a transparent, truthful community built on the foundation of the gospel and living out its implications.

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A disciple is constantly learning more about God, themselves, and others. They seek wisdom from God through Scripture and others so they can worship and serve Him more.

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As Jesus served us, we get to serve Him and others. We grow as we learn to deny ourselves for the sake of God's glory.


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Jesus was sent by the Father, and as He was sent, He sends us. A disciple is sent into the world to proclaim the gospel in word and deed. We grow as we take risks for Jesus' sake.

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  • Pray like a missionary.
  • Build intentional relationships*. *Coming soon!
  • Learn to tell God’s Story*. *Coming soon!
  • Have a spiritual conversation. *Coming soon!


God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others. Every disciple shows others what it means to follow Jesus; we live His commission to make disciples of all nations.


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  • Bring someone along* as you serve. *Coming soon!
  • Help someone else grow*. *Coming soon!
  • Lead someone through Discipleship Foundations*. *Coming soon!