Title: Accountant & HR Specialist

Reports to: CFO & Operations Minister

FLSA Classification: Full-Time Exempt

Effective Date: December 2021

Resonate Team Culture

As staff of Resonate Church, we are committed to being:


  • Family - We believe that we can only be effective in ministering to our body if we are ministering and caring for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are not first co-workers; we are first the family of God.

  • Servants - Our team will adopt the posture of chief servants for our entire church community. Because Christ came in the form of a servant to serve and not to rule, we long to obtain the character of our King and adopt the posture of servant to one another, other teams, and the church at large.

  • Equippers – The chief objective and metric of our team is the development of disciples and leaders in the mission of God. The primary task of our team is cultivating disciples and leaders to the glory of God, regardless of the job function performed.

  • Excellent – Both the people we serve and the work we do will reflect the magnificence of God and our desire to work with all our heart, and with all the urgency as unto the Lord and not to men.


These core team identifies will dictate how we engage with one another, with the rest of our staff team, and among our wider church body.


Objective of Accountant & HR Specialist

Contribute to Resonate Church’s mission of making disciples by maintaining the regular accounting functions of the organizations and equipping leaders with updated financial information and analyses. Assist with the advocating for health and wellness of the Staff and creating an environment for each Team Member to thrive.


Priority of Tasks and Responsibilties

Accounts Payables

  • Manage vendor relations and record keeping. Process timely check payments for all vendor invoices using QuickBooks Accounting Nonprofit.

  • Review and process payments needed for Staff reimbursements and miscellaneous check requests.

  • Review and enter monthly Credit Card Reconciliations for all Staff cardholders and ensure proper classification of expenses to correct type and ministry.


Accounts Receivables

  • Assist with the weekly count of offering. Scan check donations and payments using remote deposit system and the income platform, Pushpay.  Monitor all means of income, and record accurately in QuickBooks to correct income type and ministry, if applicable.

  • Assist with quarterly distribution of Giving Statements and general help to Operations Minister for items pertaining to Donor Relations.


Bank Reconciliations & Financial Reporting

  • Conduct monthly reconciliations for church’s banking accounts in QuickBooks, as relating to other income sources

  • Run and review Year-To-Date Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement and distribute to Finance Team for review.

  • Process and analyze Budget vs. Actuals Report for all ministries. Research and explain variances over threshold for presentation to the Finance Team.

  • Distribute appropriate portions of Budget vs. Actuals Report to Ministry Leaders and include transactional detail. Assist in offering further insight to Ministry Leaders, as needed.


CPA Financial Review

  • Record significant events occurring throughout the fiscal year and submit to independent firm.

  • Gather all items requested by CPA Reviewer ahead of the scheduled review dates.

  • Act as point of contact for CPA Reviewer; maintain ongoing action plans and dates to complete recommended and approved actions.

  • Stay updated with relevant accounting principles and best practices relating to finance in the church.



  • Process payroll bi-monthly using ADP; ensure accurate payment to all Exempt and Nonexempt Staff and note any payroll changes to CFO.

  • Implement proper handling of pastoral housing allowance, employee retirement contributions and employer match calculations. Confirm monthly retirement pay for remittance to provider.

  • Understand all relevant Employer mandates as related to employee relations and compensation (i.e., exempt vs. nonexempt payments, min. wage rates, taxable vs. nontaxable income, etc.)

  • Reconcile payroll, ADP to QuickBooks


Benefits Administration

  • Administer new enrollments and terminations to/from Resonate Church’s health plans

  • Communicate to Staff any relevant information relating to health benefits, updates, Open Enrollments, enrollment qualifications, etc.

  • Manage Staff Calendar and updated PTO balances for all Staff


Miscellaneous HR Functions

  • Develop, update, and communicate Employee Handbook material to all Staff, and provide training as required.

  • Onboarding/Offboarding of Staff. Manage employee files to ensure proper information is tracked, stored, and secured for management.

  • Lead Supervisors in implementation and oversight of Employee Performance Management programs.

  • Oversee office conduct, policies, practices; address any questions and concerns from/for Staff.

  • Oversee Sexual Harassment training for all Staff, once every two years.


Basic Requirements

  • Previous working experience with accounting, finance, and/or human resources in church or nonprofit for 5+ years. Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting or related field is a plus!

  • Expertise with QuickBooks, Excel, Google Sheets, ADP Payroll, Pushpay is desirable.

  • High degree of discretion and confidentiality.

  • Outstanding communication, interpersonal and leadership skills.

  • Great amount of attention to detail, patience, and flexibility.

  • Must report for in-office work at Resonate Fremont Campus, Monday – Friday.

  • Finance Team Meetings occur once per month and Staff Meetings twice per month.