Title: Communications Director

Reports to: Chief Content Officer

Effective Date: ASAP

Resonate Church in Fremont, California is looking for a creative and passionate leader to join our team as the Communications Director. This person will lead teams of staff and volunteers to carry out the vision and values of Resonate through all forms of communication and storytelling.


Resonate Team Culture

As staff of Resonate Church, we are committed to being:


  • Family - We believe that we can only be effective in ministering to our body if we are ministering and caring for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are not first co-workers; we are first the family of God.

  • Servants - Our team will adopt the posture of chief servants for our entire church community. Because Christ came in the form of a servant to serve and not to rule, we long to obtain the character of our King and adopt the posture of servant to one another, other teams, and the church at large.

  • Equippers – The chief objective and metric of our team is the development of disciples and leaders in the mission of God. The primary task of our team is cultivating disciples and leaders to the glory of God, regardless of the job function performed.

  • Excellent – Both the people we serve and the work we do will reflect the magnificence of God and our desire to work with all our heart, and with all the urgency as unto the Lord and not to men.


These core team identifies will dictate how we engage with one another, with the rest of our staff team, and among our wider church body.



The Communications Director leads the entire creative communications process, including brand strategy, marketing, film, social media, content management, communication environments and overall brand experience. They are committed to developing an empowered and innovative creative culture, by cultivating leaders who are focused on the vision to which God has called us.


As part of the Creative Department at Resonate, the Communications Director will be responsible for the management and oversight of two Communications Officers.




  • Brand Creation and Management - makes sure the church’s communications are in keeping with the church’s branding. Creates a style guide for all other ministry departments to follow.

  • Internal and External Communications - speaks effectively to both people inside our church and outside our church, cross-generationally and across multiple communication channels.

  • Online and In Person Communications - creates and keeps consistent and comprehensive communication channels open to both our online church and in person church communities.

  • Copywriting - contributes directly and/or edits content that is used for internal or external promotions whether it is for digital or printed platforms.

  • Creative Direction - oversees, gives input and feedback on the creative direction of any potential media projects (graphic design, photography, or videography).

  • Team Leading - hires and manages staff and freelancers as needed. Recruits, trains, and oversees volunteers, and encourages the people who help them reach their goals in the church’s marketing & creative efforts.

  • Website Management - oversees and keeps the website up-to-date, acts based on user feedback to improve the experience for new users and strives to improve our church’s SEO. Updates and creates new content (events, pages, etc.) on the website as needed to keep it a living and interactive doorway to our church.

  • Social Media Management - oversees both the posting and responding to messages and comments on Resonate’s social media profiles. To be done with excellence which includes spending time actively “listening” to find topics that matter to our people, engaging with posts from people in our church and community, and training others to help.

  • Research - knows which communications efforts are and aren’t working. Has a system in place to receive feedback and evaluate effectiveness of communication strategies. Data is kept in order to make future communication decisions.

  • Budget Management - plans and reports the communication department’s expenditures for the year.


Skills and Qualifications

  • Christian Character - You have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, are committed to the local church, passionate about sharing the gospel, agree with our statement of beliefs and membership covenant.

  • Strategic Thinking - You are constantly making data-driven decisions about how to spend time and resources and are willing to look at your existing systems and determine what needs to be changed.

  • Caring Leadership - You are excited by building into people’s lives and looking for opportunities to lead teams of volunteers, staff, or freelancers who will carry out the work of the communications department.

  • Self-Starting - You are constantly making sure you’re communicating effectively for our church- whether that comes from reading, training, research, or receiving critical feedback with grace. You generate new ideas without the prompting of leadership.

  • Creativity and Openness to Ideas - You always come up with new ideas and are able to take a limitation and view it as an opportunity.  You need to be a firm believer that things shouldn’t be completely broken before they’re fixed and open to suggestions from your creative team, volunteers, and leadership.

  • Excellent Communication Skills - You are able to comprehend and express our church’s heart in an authentic manner.  You are plugged in to the culture of our church by listening and asking questions of leadership, attendees, and your community at large.

  • Education - A Bachelor’s degree in marketing or communications.

  • Experience - Five years experience in communications or marketing. Management and/or leadership experience is preferred.

  • Proficiency in website design, graphic design, or videography software preferred.


Schedule and Hours

  • 40+ hours per week (salary position)
  • Salary - commensurate with experience and education