Title: Campus Pastor Fremont

Reports to: Executive Pastor

Effective Date: May 2022

Resonate Team Culture

As staff of Resonate Church, we are committed to being:


  • Family - We believe that we can only be effective in ministering to our body if we are ministering and caring for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are not first co-workers; we are first the family of God.

  • Servants - Our team will adopt the posture of chief servants for our entire church community. Because Christ came in the form of a servant to serve and not to rule, we long to obtain the character of our King and adopt the posture of servant to one another, other teams, and the church at large.

  • Equippers – The chief objective and metric of our team is the development of disciples and leaders in the mission of God. The primary task of our team is cultivating disciples and leaders to the glory of God, regardless of the job function performed.

  • Excellent – Both the people we serve and the work we do will reflect the magnificence of God and our desire to work with all our heart, and with all the urgency as unto the Lord and not to men.


These core team identities will dictate how we engage with one another, with the rest of our staff team, and among our wider church body.



(Leader, Shepherd, Encourager, Connector)
The candidate will oversee, shepherd, and supervise ministry at one of the Resonate Church campuses. This role will provide pastoral leadership and coaching to the campus staff team, connect new people into the discipleship pathway, and ensure the campus is living out the mission of making disciples who make disciples in the specific context of the geographic community of Fremont.
This includes:

  • Oversight and leadership for Fremont's campus staff

  • Oversight and execution of weekend services

  • Engagement as the primary spiritual shepherd of the campus

  • Connection of people to the strategic discipleship pathway



Vision and Direction:

  • Activate people toward the strategic plan for discipleship
  • Effectively communicate vision and direction to the campus attenders, serve staff, leaders, & staff
  • Oversee and develop the connection's, children's, and youth staff teams for Fremont's campus
  • Create a campus wide culture of engagement and leadership development
  • Encourage healthy collaboration between campuses
  • Meet with pastors and leaders in the city for encouragement and city wide partnerships

Execution of Weekend Services:

  • Collaborate with the Creative Arts leadership to create and lead powerful and inspirational worship experiences
  • Shepherd the campus through the elements of the worship service
  • Oversee the administration of the sacraments of baptism and communion
  • Preach 2-4 times a year as a member of the teaching team
  • Create a campus environment that is distraction-free and intentional in facilitating worship

Oversee Covenant Membership:

  • Lead in teaching the doctrine of church membership
  • Oversee the execution, logistics, and administration of the process for entering church membership
  • Lead covenant membership classes

Pastoral Shepherding:

  • Be the primary pastoral presence for the attendees of Fremont's campus
  • Perform weddings and funerals and provide pastoral counseling as needed
  • Innovate ways to provide member care and the activation of Fremont's campus toward meeting needs and living out the "one another's" in the Bible
  • Create a culture of connection and welcome on Fremont's campus that engages guests


Key Deliverables:

  • Ensure the campus staff are moving forward in a spirit of love, trust, and unity
  • Ensure the campus staff are spiritually healthy and aligned to the mission of the church
  • Ensure new people are engaging in church membership and next steps as disciples
  • Ensure the campus' programs and systems support and reinforce the church's desired culture
  • Ensure the campus is reflecting the gospel to the city and guests who attend
  • Ensure the weekend services are powerful and effective
  • Ensure the worship environment is prepared, clean, and distraction-free


What Success Looks Like:

  • There is unity among campus leadership and members that propel the campus forward in the misson of making disciples
  • Campus staff are healthy and growing as loving leaders and shepherds
  • Campus staff are faithfully fulfilling their duties and feeling equipped and empowered to do so
  • Church attenders are becoming relationally connected
  • People feel loved and shepherded and consider the campus pastor as their spiritual leader
  • Serving teams are developing and training new people as servants
  • Guests remark about the sense of welcome and acceptance at the campus
  • Sunday services are powerful and well attended



  • Meet the qualifications and characteristics of an elder outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
  • Be in full alignment with Resonate’s theology, vision, values, and philosophy of ministry
  • Demonstrate a history of developing, shepherding, and caring for people
  • Be a self-aware and winsome leader


Schedule and Hours:

40+ hours per week (salary position)

Salary commensurate with experience and education