Title: Intern

Reports to: Intern Coach & Ministry Supervisor

Effective Date: September 2022

Resonate Team Culture

As staff of Resonate Church, we are committed to being:


  • Family - We believe that we can only be effective in ministering to our body if we are ministering and caring for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are not first co-workers; we are first the family of God.

  • Servants - Our team will adopt the posture of chief servants for our entire church community. Because Christ came in the form of a servant to serve and not to rule, we long to obtain the character of our King and adopt the posture of servant to one another, other teams, and the church at large.

  • Equippers – The chief objective and metric of our team is the development of disciples and leaders in the mission of God. The primary task of our team is cultivating disciples and leaders to the glory of God, regardless of the job function performed.

  • Excellent – Both the people we serve and the work we do will reflect the magnificence of God and our desire to work with all our heart, and with all the urgency as unto the Lord and not to men.


These core team identities will dictate how we engage with one another, with the rest of our staff team, and among our wider church body.



Interns are expected to join and add value to Resonate Staff by relentlessly learning, actively building relationships, and training in a specific ministry area while prayerfully considering their calling to vocational ministry.


General Intern Responsibilities

  • Attend every all-hands staff functions (meetings, conferences, etc.)

  • Actively integrate into and add value to Resonate Staff’s culture

  • Become an active member of a Missional Community

  • Attend Resonate membership class once

  • Attend Sunday or Thursday service weekly and be on-hand to serve at the other services

  • Attend weekly cohort meetings and complete cohort assignments (books, papers, interviews, etc.)

  • Regular check-ins with Intern Coach and ministry-specific supervisor

  • Understand and fulfill ministry-specific learning objectives



  • Growing follower of Christ, who supports the mission and culture of Resonate Church
  • Considering a calling into vocational ministry
  • Basic administrative skills and time management


Schedule and Hours

20 hours per week including Sundays