Be the hands and feet of Jesus!

The grace of Jesus has made Resonate into an amazing, grace giving, and generous people. We can’t count how many of you have been asking how you can help our neighbors and our city in a tangible way during our “shelter in place.”


Here are some ways you can become the hands and feet of Jesus to our neighbors:

1. Praying

The Bible says that prayer is powerful and effective. When we pray, God allows us to join in the work He wants to do. Prayer honors God as the limitless provider while putting us in connection with endless resources for every need. Let’s not underestimate prayer.



1) Download a daily prayer guide during the coronavirus pandemic.

Start with Day 1 and pray everyday for a month!

2) Partner up with someone for accountability and encouragement.

When you sign up, you will be notified who you are paired with.

2. Serve Your Neighbors

Print out the card below and walk your block. Deliver it to any home you think might have a need. If anyone reponds, use the "Seeking Help" link below to share that need so your whole church family can help you meet it.

3. Serve Your Community

Be the hands and feet of Jesus and living proof that there is a loving God by participating in any of these city-wide initiatives below!