We are so excited you want to host a Resonate Worship Watch Party!

These gatherings are an important part of our church. Friends and families are gathering in homes all across Fremont, Hayward, and the Bay Area to experience church online together! This is something you might already do in your own social bubble or maybe it’s something you want to start doing. Either way, we're here to support your Watch Party!


Please complete the form so we can send you a host kit. In addition, here are some FAQs below and the CDC guidelines we are all encouraged to follow.

FAQs for Worship Watch Parties

Who can host a Resonate Worship Watch Party?

Anyone! As long as you are part of Resonate as an attender, you can host a Watch Party. Just

be willing to open up your space, and invite others to join you!

How will others join me for my Worship Watch Party?
How can I make sure I am following CDC guidelines?
What kind of technology do I need to have?
What should we do about kids?