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Our emotions can be pretty unpredictable in times of crisis, and the current state of the world as we experience the impact of COVID-19 is no exception. As we take each day as it comes in this season, join us for a new online sermon series where we can process our emotions including: LONGING in spiritual drought, TRUSTING in troubled times, WAITING when God is silent, and HOPING in the resurrection.


03/22/20 - Ryan Kwon - Longing



The four gospels record 173 questions asked by Jesus. But what stand out about them is that Jesus asked questions, not because He needed to know, but because the one being asked did. To put it simply, Jesus asked questions we are too afraid or unaware to ask ourselves, but the answers we get will not only reveal to us but will revolutionize us.


We need light to live. Light brings life, joy, hope, and happiness! And the beginning of Advent Season means that it's time for us to celebrate the Light that has come into this world. In scripture, both John and Jesus Himself refer to Jesus as "the light," and us, His followers, as "the people of light," who are meant to shine His light into this world. Join us as we shed some light on Jesus, and celebrate His Light, His arrival, His names, and His wonder.


The bible is POWERFUL, but you can only unleash this power if you actually believe the right things. If you interpret it wrongly, you might receive a doctrine that isn’t true. You’ve heard it said that “seeing is believing.” But spiritually, we must believe the right things in order to see, in order for us to be awakened. For us to truly love the Gospel and Jesus, we must carefully dig in to the scriptures. For the next 8 weeks, we’re going to look at some major tenants of Christianity, and our hope is that you will come to find out what the pillars of Christian belief are.


What if you knew when your last day on Earth was going to happen? What if you knew everything about how it would end? Could you live your life normally, knowing what was coming? Over the next several weeks we'll be following a study through the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible and the last words of Scripture, given to us by God to prepare ourselves for what's ahead. Are you ready for His Last Words?