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At Resonate we value the next generation. Our mission across our family ministries is to partner with parents to lead the next generation into a transforming relationship with Jesus. Through Gospel-centered curriculum, dedicated volunteers, and a comfortable Sunday morning environment, we strive to help children grasp the good news of God’s lavish, unconditional love from a young age.

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Our volunteers are committed, in most cases, to serving every week for the entire school year – so they can get to know the children and develop real relationships with them. We want every child to know and be known when they come on Sundays.


We don’t just want kids to be well-behaved. We want them to grow up knowing God is after their hearts, not just their compliance. Just like Resonate as a whole, we communicate the Gospel to children, trying to help them see from a young age that God loves them in spite of their sin and to live in the joy and freedom that brings.


RESkids is an environment where children are safe in every way: physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. We want children to come and feel free to be who they are, to be able to ask questions, learn, and have fun in an environment where they are safe and secure in every way.

  • FUN!

We want everybody in our RESkids environments, child and adult alike, to have fun! There is freedom to be silly, laugh, and play as we learn about God’s love and what it means to follow Him. We want this to be the best hour of every child's week!



Our hosts (who are happy to answer your questions) will take some basic information to check-in your child(ren). Each child will get a nametag with a security code, and you will get a tag with a matching code. You must show this security code to pick your child up.


Take your child to the door and our volunteers will guide them to the right area, according to their age group. You are welcome to come in to check out the environment where your child will be playing and learning about God’s love for them!


Go enjoy the worship service, secure in the knowledge that your child is safe, is having a great time, and is being loved by very dedicated, caring (background checked) volunteers. Should we need you during service we will call or text your cellphone.


After the worship service come on back and pick your child up; a volunteer will match your security tag to your child’s nametag.

Child Dedications

Child Dedications




"We are passionate about the next generation of Jesus followers. Our goal is to lay a solid foundation in gospel content and gospel truths. We’d love to hear from you!"