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Discover the stories behind your favorite Christmas songs! Whether you're a carol enthusiast or just love the spirit of Christmastime, join us in exploring the deeper meaning of classics like "Joy to the World" and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." Learn about the biblical roots behind these tunes and how they bring a fresh perspective and hope to the Christmas season. Come, be part of the journey into the heart of the season with us!


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12/03/23 - Joy to the World

11/20/23 - Freedom to Trust God
11/26/23 - Free from the Enslavement of Money

11/12/23 - Vision Weekend


Freedom from $lavery

God tells us that our treasure in our lives is what gives us the most value and security. When our treasure is found in things of this world, especially wealth and money, then our foundation is temporary and shaky altogether. "Freedom from $lavery" will encourage and challenge us to live in freedom by trusting God and by blessing others!

Explore God

Join us for a new type of Sermon Series as we, along with other churches throughout the Bay Area, explore the BIG QUESTIONS that non-Christians and Christians alike ask about God.

For The One

All throughout Scripture, especially in Luke 15, we hear parables about how God uses people, uses humans, to seek out people individually to bring them closer to Himself.


And now He’s calling the church to seek our "one."


Vision Weekend is a special weekend of hearing the vision of where God is leading Resonate Church in the upcoming year and beyond! Pastor Ryan speaks here on some exciting updates about new ministries, plans for church planting, educational equipping for our community, and much more.