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Discovering the true essence of life lies in understanding and experiencing a deeper connection with God. This journey isn't just about learning; it's about a profound, personal encounter. In our upcoming series, we'll delve into who God is, and explore practices that help us connect with Him on a personal level. Whether you're new to faith or seeking more, join us to find a deeper connection with God. It’s an invitation to all who are thirsty: come, drink, and be satisfied.


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6/9/24 - The Presence of God
6/16/24 - Designed for Rest
6/23/24 - The Holiness of God
6/30/24 - Sabbath as Worship
7/07/24 - Hope Shifting


In Sickness and In Health

There is profound beauty and sacredness in all relationships, anchored in the enduring promises of God. Join us for our transformative series, 'In Sickness and In Health,' where we delve deep into the intricate dynamics of relationships. From the sacred covenant of marriage to the journey of singleness, from the joys and challenges of parenthood to the complexities of intimacy and conflict resolution, we will uncover the secrets to fostering enduring bonds and experiencing the fullness of love, grace, and unity in every season of life.

Red Letter Invitation

Red letters in the Bible signify words Jesus spoke. But a closer look would reveal these letters are a personal and intimate invitations into the abundant life he has for you. You’ve been given many invitations, but none like Jesus, for His invitations are the greatest invitations ever given.

Famous Last Words

The sermon series "Famous Last Words" dives deep into some of the most significant and memorable words spoken by Jesus as He was crucified. We’ll focus on the weight and meaning behind these last words, revealing profound truths about Jesus, His mission, and His purpose. Through exploring these powerful statements, we’ll aim to deepen our understanding of the cross and the incredible love and sacrifice displayed by Jesus.


Vision Weekend is a special weekend of hearing the vision of where God is leading Resonate Church in the upcoming year and beyond! Pastor Ryan speaks here on some exciting updates about new ministries, plans for church planting, educational equipping for our community, and much more.