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What gets the award in your life for what you love most, what you find to be the most ultimate thing? What do you place your identity in more than anything else? What’s your first place? What’s the #1 idol in your life?


As we come off of the celebration of the resurrection, We want to think about some practical ways that the resurrection could actually change our life. One way is to ask a simple question: If Jesus is the true and almighty king of the universe, who’s acceptance and love for us surpasses everything else… then the logical question to ask is, what’s keeping me from experiencing that love and acceptance?


Hence, our new teaching series, asking the question: “What are the idols in my life? What have I taken that was good and made ultimate? Where am I trying to find my value and my identity?”


04/24/22 - And First Places Goes To... Children
05/01/22 - And First Places Goes To... Fame
05/15/22 - And First Places Goes To... Leisure


05/08/22 - Our True and Better Identity (Mother's Day)



Before we can celebrate Easter, there's someone very important we need to get to know first: This Is Jesus. To get to know Him better, we're looking to the book of Luke which is all about Jesus.


The first part of Luke answers the question—who is Jesus and how to get your mind around Him. The second section answers the question—what does it mean to follow Jesus, and get your will around Him. The third section aims at our hearts as we long to wrap our hearts around Him, all so we can boldly claim who He is: This Is Jesus!


The story of Christianity doesn’t begin with Jesus in the manger or Jesus on the cross, but with God creating the heavens and the earth. In this series, we will go back to the beginning, to Genesis 1-3 specifically, and consider the origin of some of life’s most important features and what our response to them should be.


Over the course of this 10-week series we will consider a God-centered response to science & creation, the environment, work, rest & recreation, marriage, gender, family & procreation, and finally... the problem of evil and God’s response to it. The goal is that we will see Genesis as Scripture, not to be cast aside as fable and fairytale, but as a guide and gift that ultimately drives us to God and helps us make sense of the world and our part in it.


When God became man, humanity's definition and idea of GLORY was forever shattered. No longer could we imagine that the greatest glory would belong to those who wielded the most power, force, or dominance! No, the story of Christmas is glory redefined and reimagined.


Not the greatest, but the least.
Not the full, but the empty.
Not the strong, but the weak.
Not the proud, but the humble.


Jesus inaugurated a new Kingdom of people. A Kingdom whose Humble King is full of Humble Glory.


The Bible is filled with amazing stories that go back to the beginning of time! In the real life, historical stories of the Old Testament, we can see the way God takes lives filled with small successes and great failures, and turns them into epic tales of his own design.


We can also see that all of our stories, and all the stories that make up our communities, are no less a part of God’s story than any other. We can examine our own stories and look for God’s redemptive thread being pulled through and connecting each of them. We’ll hear individual testimonies every week, and we’ll get together to share our own stories in our Missional Community Groups.


We can celebrate all of our stories – not because we see our own greatness in them, but because through them we see the glory of a God who makes beautiful things out of us.


Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?